Best anti-wrinkle there is... like it or not!

So, I have discovered:

Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46

Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 1.7 oz. A lightweight, oil-free sunscreen for sensitive or acne-prone skin. Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 Lightweight, oil-free formulation provides broad-spectrum protection. May be worn alone or under makeup. Calms and soothes skin. Ideal for sensitive or acne-prone complexions.

I love this stuff!!! It is so light and non greasy it is amazing! Not many people realize that when buying sunscreen for your face there are lots of things that are important.
1. You don't want to look like you have sunscreen on. The "zinc oxide" look left us in the 80's, so having a white sheen on your face from sunscreen, and worse, under your makeup is a huge no no.
2. The SPF matters. Well duh, of course it does. Except a lot of people think that an SPF of 10 that's in their foundation is just fine. It is not, that is way too LOW.
3. No one wants breakouts because they wore sunscreen. What would you choose when faced with wrinkles or zits? Neither I say. This stuff is light, oil free and it hasn't given me a single pimple.
4. I don't want to look like a grease ball. Granted this is a creamy sunscreen and it is very light, so if you have oily skin, this might be borderline. But, I don't get a super greasy face when using this, which is key. Applying my makeup over this is super easy. I don't feel like I have anything on 1 minute after I have applied it.
It's around $20, but well worth it... one of the things I love about it, is that it reminds you to apply to your face, neck and hands. Even I appreciate the reminder that those are the three places that show your age more than anywhere else. Age spots on your hands, wrinkles on your neck and face.. ICK! So next time you are stressing about your forehead creases, don't forget you neck and hands.
Tan Pretty- with Elta MD.

Tan Legs

Ladies... Feeling pasty because you haven't gotten some beach time in? Don't feel as confident in a skirt or shorts because your legs are so white they are translucent? Scared of those stinky sunless tanners and ending up with a streaky orangey glow? Or, are you just one of these people that simply don't tan?

I found the solution (actually my sis did)!!

I tried lorac Tantalizer and my legs have a nice glowy tan look! Its like applying moisturizer and its not permanent. But, it feels weightless and totally disappears so much you can't tell you put anything on your legs! And its dummy proof, no worries about streaks or anything. Its looks really natural and it smells nice too! Find it at Sephora!

LORAC TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer, 5.7 fl oz

Run and Live Pretty!

YES YES to No!No! Skin!!

This is one of those I thought.. yeah right.. NO WAY this works. And yet it actually kinda does. What am I saying, there is no kinda about it, it works!

I had a trip to England booked and all of a sudden I got this bump on my face, it was painful and so big I named it Fred. I was desperate for a solution. Who wants to go on vacation with that on their face right? So I ordered and overnighted the No!No! and let me just say that I was impressed. Now, I'd like to note, it did not instantly disappear, but instead of getting bigger and bigger like those types of blemishes tend to (cystic acne), it got less red, and slowly started to shrink each day more and more. The pain went away pretty quickly and although it still took a fair amount of time (2 weeks) to go away completely, it diminished to a point that it was easily covered with a makeup and barely noticeable. I also think it took a smidge longer because I had the "problem" for a few days before I started hitting it with the No!No!. I have zapped everything else I felt coming on right at the the first "I feel a little something growing twinge" and it has indeed, gone away. The other great thing is, there are no refills, you just plug it in and charge it, and each "zap" is only 10 seconds. You feel nothing really, a tiny warming sensation at the most, but nothing that is really noticeable. The big con, is that it is $180. Ouch. But seriously, for all of us out there that have started growing the "hormone zit", or the "stress zit" or whatever, this baby is for you! I mean, this type of acne can leave scars!! And it is for all kinds of acne, (just not for blackheads). So, it doesn't have to be a big mama jamma to work. However, if you have a face full of acne, then you need a lot more than this to fix it. Realistically, who is going to spend 5 minutes zapping their face twice a day. I'd like to also say that I still maintain the regimen that I always use on my face while I'm engaging the No!No!. Meaning I still dab a little 10% Benzol Peroxide on anything cropping up as well.

Anyway, it's a winner, get one!

No!no! Skin Acne Treatment System

Run and Live PRETTY!

PS- They are available in a pink case too!

Compression Socks

OK, so I was never into the knee highs in high school and now that I see compression socks have caught on and knee highs are EVERYWHERE.

FASHION NIGHTMARE I say.. but then again, when does comfort and recovery trump looking good? I know this has huge variations and most people would say everytime. But, I'm not most people. :-) But miracles do happen...I learned to swim, heck, some of my friends remember when I didn't own tennis shoes. There was even a time in my life that if any siginficant other wore sneakers or tennis shoes at anytime other than to work out that it was a total deal breaker. You laugh, but it's true.

In 2008 my husband raced the Ironman Championships in Kona Hawaii. And lets just say if you weren't wearing them you looked odd. Athletes wear them to recover and to race.. but are both appropriate?

My pal Ryan ( says they rule. What do you think???

I know, it's been a while.....

So I started this blog in 2009 because I had signed up for an Ironman and I thought the concept of testing out all the long lasting beauty products out there was a useful, creative concept. Shortly thereafter, I left the world of television and joined the world of sponsorship. I also started building a house. I loved the change, however I quickly realized that dedicating myself to this career path and building my dream home was going to require my full attention. So, I trained less and less and next thing you know, I realized that an Ironman was just not in the cards for me. It made me really sad to "quit" and the feelings it conjured up about my dedication to the sport were certainly not pleasant. But, it is what it is and so, to my dedicated readers, I am sorry I have been off the map. I have been embarrassed to address the situation, but no longer! I realized as time has passed that I have a lot to say. I have discovered some fabulous new products that ANYONE would like, not just a woman, and certainly not just a triathlete.

So, IronPretty begins again.. I might not be training for an Ironman, but I still run, and damn it,  I still run PRETTY!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light

This foundation is Estee's lighter version of their original Double Wear. I have to say, it did perform much better. The problem I had with the original was the packaging, and the heaviness of the foundation made it a little cakey after swims. The Light is in a tube form, which is MUCH better. They still have only an SPF 10, which is still a bit low, but at least it has a little.

It wears really well, it is a thicker foundation, similar to the original as well so you do have to move quickly and carefully when you apply it. It stayed through the day, through runs, bike rides and swims. I am impressed with its performance actually.

However of the 3 I have tested, I still like Merle Norman's foundation the best. It just glides on so smoothly and leaves such a clean, smooth, powder finish.

My next test is Maybelline's 24 Hour Super Stay Makeup.

Swim, Bike, Run and Live Pretty!!

True Inspiration

Last year, I had the honor of meeting Charlie Plaskon. Not only is Charlie a 66 year old grandfather of 3, he is a phenomenal athlete, motivational speaker and one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He has competed in 5 Ironman events including the World Championships in Kona Hawaii and has been featured in 2 NBC documentaries. Oh and did I mention that he is blind?

I met Charlie in March of 2009 when I was one of his guides for the Shamrock Marathon. It was, needless to say, an EYE opening experience. Imagine not knowing your pace, what mile you are at, seeing the course, the pot holes, the cheering fans, and signs of encouragement. Imagine having to have someone tell you when to spit so you don't spit on someone else and to have someone walk you to the port-a-potty because you can't find it on your own? Imagine not seeing the finish line and having to depend on someone else to narrate the experience for you because you can't see it and you don't even know that you have crossed the finish?? How many of us visualize the finish line as we train? Time and time again, I picture in my head what the Ironman finish will look like, and feel like. Try to imagine what it would be like to just  have half of that?

I have so much respect for Charlie because he hasn't let anything get in his way. And the best part is, he has such a great attitude about it. And that's the best part. Charlie is one of the warmest, happiest people I have ever met. He just sparkles with this infectious personality that is impossible not to love. And honestly, THAT is what makes him special. Not the fact that he is blind, or even an athlete.

He ran the Shamrock again this year,  and we met up at the expo. I didn't get the privilege of guiding him this year, but it was still wonderful to see him. He is now on the board of C-Different and even more dedicated to spreading the word about visually impaired people being able to lead active lives. I feel very lucky to have met someone like him because I feel like people like Charlie come into our lives very rarely, but when they do it is such a wonderful experience.  I truly believe certain people have a lasting effect on you and occupy a special part of your heart for the rest of your life.

I hope that I can have the honor of guiding Charlie again at another race.

Below is a story about visually impaired athletes.. check it out.

ABC 13- KTRK Feature

Charlie's website:


Swim, Bike, Run and Live Pretty!!

IronPretty, IronWusie, IRONBUSY!!!

I feel like all of those things in the last few weeks! I not only started a new job I want to focus on, I am also building a home and as you all know, training for an Ironman. I was sick recently as well.. that's where the ironwusie comes in. I wanted to die for about a week. I did nothing for about 5 days, and then when I started working out again, my runs and bike rides were so awful, I seriously wondered how I will finish an Ironman when my legs just won't GO! When my chest hurts because I can't catch my breath. When all I want to do is curl up and nurse my ear infection and strep throat. Yes, that's what I had. The strep- although not too common, I can handle, but the ear infection.. what is that even about? What am I six years old? It sucked... but I got through it. The bad part is, the 10 days after that were so discouraging because I still wasn't quite right. Needless to say, I was feeling like a great big wuss. Couple that with being insanely busy trying to be good at my job and keeping my house clean so someone will BUY it.

It brings up the question.. how do we do it? How does anyone training for an Ironman manage their time, their kids, husbands, jobs and life? What has to give for us to get in the 4 hours of swimming, 4+ hours of biking and 4+ hours of running in? Is it keeping the house less clean? Do we ignore our husbands for 6 months? Is your social life non existent? So I ask you, what do you give up to train?

And that poses another question...WHY????

For me, becoming an Ironman is something I want because as a girly girl that grew up doing ballet, cheerleading and dance team I never considered myself very athletic. But to me, an Ironman proves that if you prepare appropriately, and work hard, and are dedicated to a goal, you can do ANYTHING.

Swim, Bike, Run, and Live Pretty!!

Virginia is for Lovers 14k!

As many of you know, I just started training three weeks ago. So racing anything fast wasn’t really going to happen. So what’s that leave? A day to run, have fun and RUN PRETTY! So, I am posting a video of after the race and as you can see my make up really hung on. And the weather was crazy! It was freezing, so what probably happened is the makeup just froze to my face. But seriously, I have never tested anything in snow and everything held up pretty well!

The race was great, good course, good set up, good food (Yeungling and Moes!!! Yuuuuummmmmmmyyy) and even with the snowy weather a sold out day! There were good sports that even chose dressing up in the Valentine’s spirit over warmth and that kept us all admiring and laughing at the great costumes through out the course.

Swim, Bike, Run and Live Pretty!

Virginia is for Lovers 14K

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